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The Brand

Cosco, a trusted name with a legacy spanning decades, has been synonymous with top-quality sports equipment and a commitment to fitness. Known for producing cricket balls and footballs, the brand has diversified into becoming the largest homegrown fitness equipment manufacturer. With a vision firmly rooted in delivering value-for-money products adhering to international standards, Cosco Fitness is dedicated to helping individuals pursue a healthier lifestyle through accessible and reliable fitness solutions.

The Challenge

Cosco Fitness encountered several hurdles that hindered their digital growth. They struggled with a lack of creative content, an average website with a poor user experience, and fierce competition from digitally savvy D2C competitors with substantial marketing budgets.

The Solution

Our approach was simple yet effective. We concentrated on highlighting the brand's rich legacy and establishing a genuine connection with the audience. We aimed to increase brand awareness online by targeting the right audience through digital channels, running multiple campaigns to generate website conversions, and nurturing a dedicated community of followers who viewed Cosco Fitness as a trusted friend. We also focused on enhancing the website's search engine visibility and user experience. On the content front, we provided the audience with relatable and engaging content that resonated with their fitness goals. This included home workout routines, motivation, and even some light-hearted humor. Take a peek at our slider below to see our amazing creatives!.

The Result

Cosco Result

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