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The Brand

DSP Mutual Funds is one of India’s largest Asset Management Companies. They have a diverse portfolio of active and passive funds backed by design to optimize returns. They are a sophisticated, focused brand that aims to make investing simple yet relevant. Trusted by thousands and backed by an Indian financial giant, they strive to help others begin their investing journey.

The Challenge

The world of mutual funds is rather bland with preachy communications. Our goal was to make investing relatable to young Indians. The challenge? To bridge the gap between the complexities of finance and the aspirations of youth. We had to find a way to appeal to them in a way that would build their basic financial understanding and get them pumped up to invest.

The Solution

To connect with millennials, we chose something they would resonate with, TV shows. Our strategy would create content that engaged with them on a level they understood while educating them. That’s when The TV Series Campaign came to life. We gave our take on beloved shows by combining them with financial insights, such as 13 Reasons Why Not, wherein we gave the audience the reasons for them to start investing. We laid the foundation, strengthened the concept, educated them about the fundamentals, and sealed it with a simple yet strong CTA of “Invest” all through TV shows. Besides this, we focused on pushing selective posts to a well-suited audience, targeting topical and trending content that informed them while maintaining fun elements.

The Result

DSP Funds Results

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